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Kanomax Multi-Channel Anemomaster Model 1550/1560

Kanomax Multi-Channel Anemomaster Model 1550/1560

The Kanomax Multi-Channel Anemomaster provides simultaneous real-time monitoring of air velocity and, if required, temperature and relative humidity in multiple locations. Due to its modular and easily configurable design, it can be assembled to monitor according to your own application requirements.

If your requirements change and you find in the future you have to monitor more locations, expansion is straightforward and cost effective. A range of 11 shapes and sizes of probes are available for Velocity (V), Velocity + Temperature (VT), Velocity + Temperature + Humidity (VTH).

Typical applications include:
Real-time monitoring of air velocity, temperature, and humidity in pharmaceutical and industrial production environments.
Aerodynamics research (e.g. road vehicles, aircraft, etc.).
Research and development (e.g. engine design, measurement of turbine efficiencies, etc.).
Ventilation monitoring for energy efficient buildings.
Cooling efficiency in electronic devices.
Testing airflow within fume cupboards.

Large variety of probes covering a range of velocities (directional and omni-directional), also the ability to measure temperature and humidity, to fit your application.
Flexible multi-channel configuration with a modular format allowing easy changes according to your needs.
NIST traceable accuracy of velocity probes. Each probe is pre-calibrated carefully to determine its own unique characteristics for temperature compensation. Its own calibration data is stored in a ROM, allowing interchangeability with other probes and to ensure precision. Purchase of spare probes allows your monitoring to continue while removed probes are calibrated annually.
Expandable up to a maximum of 320 channels for a velocity-only system for very large requirements. The number of channels possible for your application depend upon whether you require measurement of only velocity or also of temperature and relative humidity.
Multi-channel Data Management Software monitors real-time measurement from all channels, calculates data, plots graphs and saves the data in text format for spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel.

In order to determine the configuration of your Multi-channel Anemomaster, please follow our simple 3-step process to configure your own system (please click on each step for further information):

Step 1: Establish your monitoring needs and select the appropriate probes.

Step 2: Based on the selected probes, determine your module requirements.

Step 3: Based on your required number of modules, choose the model(s) of Anemomaster you will need.

Configuration Diagram:

A full brochure including detailed specifications for the Kanomax Multi-Channel Anemomaster 1550 / 1560 can be downloaded here:

Downloadable brochure for the Kanomax Multi-Channel Anemomaster 1550 / 1560

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