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CLiMET CI-x55 and CI-X56 Wireless Series

CLiMET CI-x55 and CI-X56 Wireless Series OptiCal Sciences Limited is now pleased to offer the new and exciting CLiMET CI-x55 and CI-x56 Wireless series of Portable Particle Counters.

Allowing real time automatic wireless uploads of sample data to a pre-designated network directory!

Paperless, Transparent & Automatic
The CI-x55 and CI-x56 series of portable particle counters add wireless communication and control features to the CLiMET line of portable particle counters. CLiMET's wireless technology incorporates new features that greatly simplify the transfer of data to LIMS. Users collect the data in the same way that they would with a standard particle counter, however, the data is automatically transferred to the LIMS at the end of every sample in a transparent and completely paperless real time process.

Reduce Human Errors
Sample data is saved in memory, so if the Wi-Fi connection is unavailable, the data will be automatically uploaded when the connection is restored, or when the particle counter returns within range of the wireless router.
Safeguards and status messages keep sample data in retained memory and every sample is confirmed to be uploaded to a secure folder on the network from where it is imported by the LIMS. The risk of a user missing a step and not transferring data to the LIMS is eliminated.

Synchronized Date and Time-Stamps
All sample data and files are time-stamped. However, the time on the particle counter can now be synchronized to a network timeserver. All timestamps on the samples imported to the LIMS from every particle counter can now be precise, and the risk of an analyst collecting data with a bad time stamp can be eliminated.

Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 Security
The CI-x55 and CI-x56 series of wireless particle counters and the data transferred to the LIMS are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Data in the counters cannot be altered. Data on the network is secured by network policies already common to secure networks. No new software is introduced into the data acquisition system that does not already exist.

No New Software or Hardware Required
The CI-x55 and CI-x56 wireless particle counters are designed to connect easily to the existing infrastructure in a facility. It uses the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n protocol and works with standard FTP (file transfer protocol) and NTP (network time protocol). These are all industry standard protocols supported on enterprise networks.
Data is stored on a network location made secure by the policies enforced by the network administrator. Data is stored in a human readable CSV (comma separated value) format and imported into the LIMS database using the built-in scripting language of the LIMS. No additional software is required.

Configuration options available for wireless CLiMET Particle Counters:

Wireless Configuration Kit
When users have: (i) an existing wireless network, and if (ii) sample data is to be uploaded from one or more wireless CLiMET particle counters onto a directory in the network, then 'one' Wireless Configuration Kit is required to configure one or more CLiMET wireless devices to establish wireless network connectivity.

Wireless Router Kit
The router kit is simply a wireless router (with four RJ45 ports and two USB Ports) pretested and pre-configured to support one or more factory-new CLiMET wireless instruments. Installation is a snap! Simply make sure the CLiMET flash drive is inserted into the router, provide power to the router, turn on the particle counters and connect to a server, workstation or laptop. You are then ready to quickly deploy your system with little to no technical knowledge, and with limited additional configuration.

Operational Qualifications may be required by users. An initial test can be performed to ensure the wireless device is operational prior to deployment.

New Wireless Networks. An ideal solution for customers who do not have a wireless network, but wish to deploy one. Alternatively, a quick and easy solution for those who wish to establish a proprietary network.

For more information, please contact a member of staff who will be happy to assist.

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